First clinically validated mobile app for intelligent insulin dosing

About us

DiappyMed is an innovative company specialized in the development of software solutions for people with diabetes.

Our vision is to use data science and artificial intelligence technologies for intelligent and personalized insulin dosing.

Our goal is to lead people with diabetes towards a more effective treatment, autonomy and empowerment.

Our solution

We develop a mobile application which relies on data science algorithms and artificial intelligence to calculate insulin dosage in an automatic, multi-parametric and personalized way.

Our solution is designed for and with patients and clinical experts, and implements innovative usability features for an optimal user experience.

Our first randomized clinical trial shows an improvement of patient’s blood glucose level (time in range), hence, enhancing diabetes control.

Managing team

Omar DIOURI, Co-founder Chief Executive Officer

Omar holds a PhD in biology-health from the University of Montpellier and an Engineering Degree from Télécom Sud-Paris. He has a strong cross-expertise in diabetes/data science based on several years of experience in the field of clinical research in diabetes.

Coralie LEFEVRE, Co-founder Chief Business Officer

Coralie is a Biological Engineer (Polytech'Clermont Ferrand). She has accumulated more than 10 years of experience in the field of research and innovation in research laboratories, consulting firms and a technology transfer office.

Youssef RAQUI, Co-founder Chief Technical Officer

Youssef holds an Engineering Degree from Télécom Sud-Paris. He has accumulated more than 9 years of experience in organization and regulatory project management, and the development of complex applications under strict regulatory constraints.

Partners & supports